Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

Although we didn’t find any sea turtles this past trip, I have seen them in the Carribean. This is an awesome photo!

I would recommend Utila Honduras as a great diving destination! It is gorgeous and diving is not expensive.

Le Ceiba Honduras Horse Cart Transportation

This is a classic scene on the mainland of Honduras – a horse drawn cart. It is wild to see motorcycles, cars, pickup, trucks, bicycles and horse drawn carts sharing the road.

Many times the two lane road became three lanes as someone tried to pass a slower vehicle. I quit watching after awhile since our driver seemed quite used to this and demonstrated a high level of competence.

I haven’t seen any horse drawn carts on Utila. It is a small island with limited number of roads. They have mostly scooters and golf carts.

On the road to La Ceiba Honduras Stand

Not unusual to find these stands along the road on the mainland.

It reminded me of a lemonade stand here but this is more serious for them. In the states you are trying to train your children to be entrepreneurs, here in Honduras it is a matter of survival.

Sorry it is a bit blurry but we were moving along in a van.

A few more photos:

Customs-The First Time

Going through customs the first time is always an uncertain experience. There are always two lines – on for citizens and one for non-citizens. It is fairly easy once you get in the right line. We are here on vacation for 10 days.

We flew into San Pedro Sula and now take a 3 hour van ride to La Ceiba which is on the coast. (This is worse than driving in Boston and was thankful we had a driver.)

Short Walk in Utila Honduras

While on vacation in Utila Honduras I took this short video walking down the street. I didn’t mute the volume but did reduce it because I had forgotten how loud it was during traffic time.