Utila Vacations Mountain Biking to Pumpkin Hill

You know how much Doug likes to bike!  Well we had to go mountain biking while we were in Utila!

Biking is Utila is a bit different. Since there is only a few miles of pavement on the island you have to give up on any notion of road bikes.  There are many dirt roads and trails.

One more thing, it is rainy season! :o)

Utila Honduras Vacations Road behind Big Byte

Road behind Big Byte - Utila Honduras

Here are some pictures of Big Byte…

Utila Honduras vacation beach - big byte

Big Byte Beach - Utila Honduras Bay Islands

Utila Honduras vacations beaches big byte

Big Byte Beach - Utila Honduras - looking toward Paradise Cove

We rode past Big Byte and on toward the airport.  It was nice to get off the muddy road for a bit.  But it wasn’t long before we were on another muddy road – worse that the ones we had just been on!

Will post more soon…


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