Utila Vacations Mountain Biking to Pumpkin Hill Part 2

This is what you saw most of the way up to Pumpkin Hill:

Road to Pumpkin Hill Utila Honduras

Road to Pumpkin Hill Utila Honduras

I always bring a pair of old sneaker when I come visit.  You can now see why…

Biking during rainy season Utila Honduras

Legs are mountain biking to Pumpkin Hill

This was a hard ride!  The roads are very bumpy to begin with and then you add a lot of rocks and mud – it creates a very challenging ride.  You never knew whether you are going to hit a rock or sink in mud!

We managed to make it in and out of there with no problems.  My husband really enjoyed the ride.

Here we are at the base of the hill.  Will have to leave the bikes and walk to the top.


Next post I’ll show some of the views once we hiked to the top.

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