US Guilty of Gangster Tactics?

Can the US get any more shameful in their treatment of Honduras, a struggling democracy?

Most likely you are totally unaware of the reprehensible way we (US White House and Congress) has been treating Honduras.  Not only did we support the would-be dictator Zelaya, but now we are THREATENING their Congress to do what we think is right!

This is from La Gringa’s Blogicito:

Update 11:52: From my inside source, 47 congressmen will vote no (40 Liberal, 1 UD, 2 PINU, and 4 DC) 26 congressmen will vote yes (22 Liberals and 4 UD), and presidential candidate Pepe Lobo is asking the Nacionalistas to abstain.

Worst news of all: supposedly Thomas Shannon has been pressuring the congressmen to vote for the restoration of Zelay or else! The exact words were that “Shannon scared the living hell out of everyone here including Micheletti.”

Yeah, remember the press conference? “We’re just here to help. We aren’t going to intervene. We’ll respect any decision that the Hondurans make.” Yeah, right.

Now they are even threatening elected Honduran officials that they won’t recognize elections unless they vote yes. I’m sure there must be economic threats as well.

This nothing short of a big bully pushing their Socialist/Dictator agenda on another country.

Where are you Glenn Beck?  I respect that you are focusing on our own internal issues and appreciate that but this is shameful!

Where are you President Bush? I didn’t agree with all your policies but you would have been supporting democracy.

Where are you America?

The insanity continues…

If you haven’t signed the petition to Obama, please do so now.

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