Utila Vacations Mountain Biking to Pumpkin Hill Part 2

This is what you saw most of the way up to Pumpkin Hill:

Road to Pumpkin Hill Utila Honduras

Road to Pumpkin Hill Utila Honduras

I always bring a pair of old sneaker when I come visit.  You can now see why…

Biking during rainy season Utila Honduras

Legs are mountain biking to Pumpkin Hill

This was a hard ride!  The roads are very bumpy to begin with and then you add a lot of rocks and mud – it creates a very challenging ride.  You never knew whether you are going to hit a rock or sink in mud!

We managed to make it in and out of there with no problems.  My husband really enjoyed the ride.

Here we are at the base of the hill.  Will have to leave the bikes and walk to the top.


Next post I’ll show some of the views once we hiked to the top.

Utila Vacations Mountain Biking to Pumpkin Hill

You know how much Doug likes to bike!  Well we had to go mountain biking while we were in Utila!

Biking is Utila is a bit different. Since there is only a few miles of pavement on the island you have to give up on any notion of road bikes.  There are many dirt roads and trails.

One more thing, it is rainy season! :o)

Utila Honduras Vacations Road behind Big Byte

Road behind Big Byte - Utila Honduras

Here are some pictures of Big Byte…

Utila Honduras vacation beach - big byte

Big Byte Beach - Utila Honduras Bay Islands

Utila Honduras vacations beaches big byte

Big Byte Beach - Utila Honduras - looking toward Paradise Cove

We rode past Big Byte and on toward the airport.  It was nice to get off the muddy road for a bit.  But it wasn’t long before we were on another muddy road – worse that the ones we had just been on!

Will post more soon…


Utila Vacation – December 2011

This was our fourth trip to Honduras!  The first time without the kids!

We stayed in Paradise Cove Bungalow – perfect for two people!

utila honduras vacations paradise cove bungalow

Here is a video from the deck of the bungalow.

More pics of this gorgeous paradise!

utila honduras vacation bungalow deck utila honduras vacation paradise cove bedroom

utila honduras vacations paradise cove kitchen

utila honduras vacations paradise cove view of cove from deck utila honduras vacations paradise cove dock to palapa

utila honduras vacations paradise cove - palapa to dock

This was just day 1…

More to come…

Bay Island Honduras Sunrise

There was a beautiful sunrise one morning.  (There have been several but I caught this one on just right.)

Being on a small island allows you the privilege of observing both the rising of the sun as well as the setting.

This sunrise reminded me of several verses:

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.
Day to day pours forth speech,
And night to night reveals knowledge…”  Psalm 19

Sunset at El Picante, Utila, Honduras

There are several great places to eat in Utila.  One of those is El Picante, owned by John and Theresa.  (They are a great couple and we have enjoyed getting to know them.)

They recently moved to a new location, overlooking Utila Bay.

We got there at sunset and had a gorgeous view.

I think of my parents every time I see a sailboat anchored in the bay.  They spent many years in the Virgin Islands and saw many wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

(We would have had less sand flies if we had been a bit offshore!!)

Coral Beach Utila Honduras Infinity

View of Bay Island Honduras beach beyond the infinity poolBay Island Utila Honduras – Infinity Pool with ocean in background.

I really did a lousy job with this photo.   I couldn’t get the right angle   to do it

The house belongs to friends of friends. It was fun to visit their place; enjoy the
pool and the view!

If you look close enough you can see the mountains of the mainland through the

Bay Islands Honduras Beach Crab

I have seen hermit crabs before – all in cages.  Here on the beaches of Utila you find hermit crabs all over!

They range in size. This guy  is fairly small.

(Be careful where you walk or you might accidentally crush one.)

Sometimes there are so many it looks like the ground is moving!

Utila Honduras Bay View

Utila Honduras bay view

Originally uploaded by LInda_Joseph

During a recent walk into town – Utila Town – I had to stop and a take a picture of the view! You can see a few sailboats anchored in the bay.

Gorgeous view and temperatures are in the 70s – low 80s…

Diving Destinations – Hawaii

This is an unbelievable photo! I have seen clown fish off Utila and off St John. They are amazing fish!

This photo was taken off Hawaii.

Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

Although we didn’t find any sea turtles this past trip, I have seen them in the Carribean. This is an awesome photo!

I would recommend Utila Honduras as a great diving destination! It is gorgeous and diving is not expensive.