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I never had any intentions of going to Utila Honduras for vacation. My husband had talked about it for over a year and was interested in it from an investment opportunity.

After a year of investigative work he decided to invest in Utila Honduras property.  I suggested we take a look before making such a commitment and thus our trip to Utila.utila-honduras-lasbrisas-vacations1

It turned out to be a fantastic trip.  The entire family loved the Utila beaches.  My 15 year old son was estastic he could drive a scooter around.  My daughter enjoyed the clear water and snokeling.  I was sold in just a few days.utila-las-brisas-honduras-027

Before you go, do your homework.  We learned so much and found some great resources which I will share with you.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “About Linda

  1. Your cost of living has been much better I imagine. I am curious if you have any figures you would mind sharing?

    aloha from “expensive Hawaii” lol


  2. The cost of living in Utila is significantly cheaper than Hawaii! Food, land, beach front, taxes, etc are all inexpensive. If you want more info, I would recommend that you contact Brad, Brad@utilarealty.com. He is awesome to deal with and has been on the island for many years.

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