Pumpkin Hill Beach, From Top of Pumpkin Hill, Utila Honduras

Top of Pumpkin Hill

Pumpkin Hill Beach from the top of Pumpkin Hill  Utila Honduras

Pumpkin Hill Beach Utila Honduras

Pumpkin Hill is the highest point on Utila, Honduras. The other Bay Islands, Roatan and Guanaja, rise right up. Utila is relatively flat and has Stewart Hill and Pumkin Hill.

It isn’t very hard to walk to the top of Pumpkin Hill.  The challenge is knowing where the trail is!

Here we are at the top – with my best friend and husband of 27 years!

Top of Pumpkin Hill Doug and Linda

From top of Pumpkin Hill

I used the Flip Camera to show you the entire island

Going down the hill, we came across these horses.   (I only took the pic for my niece who is an expert with horses.)

Horse on Pumpkin Hill Utila Honduras

Horses on Pumpkin Hill

This was a fun day!  We rode mountain bikes through mud puddles to the base of Pumpkin Hill.  Then we walked the rest of the way up to the top of the hill.


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